There is often the assumption that organic foods are not much better than non organic foods. This might be true in terms of taste but how are organic foods better for you in terms of your health and weight?


Do organic foods have more nutrients than conventional foods?

Organic foods seem have not much advantage when it comes to vitamins and minerals. The major difference in nutrients is in the antioxidants (phytonutrients) amount.

Organic foods can have almost twice as much antioxidants than non organic ones as shown in this study. This means organic foods are more potent in protecting your cells.

Food with antioxidants

So you can already say that organic foods are better in keeping you healthy and giving longer youth. And they also have better antimutagenic properties what is beneficial in cancer prevention.

One substance higher in non organic foods is cadmium. It is poisonous and similar to mercury and lead and can be found in amounts double as high compared to organic foods.

This is because of phosphate fertilizers non organic foods are dependent on due to the destruction of the soil through synthetic pesticide products. Those pesticides are also poisoning the groundwater.


Are low amounts of toxic pesticides harmful?

There is evidence that farm workers who work with pesticides, suffered from genetic damage.

But the amounts in the food is of course significantly lower. There is a debate about if those amounts are harmful or not.

And what seems to be often studied are the health risks of the pesticides isolated. Though the products that contain those, have many other ingredients.

Glyphosate is a pesticide that is an ingredient in the product Roundup. It was tested in a study financed by it’s owner Monsanto as not harmful for humans. But another study that was testing the product Roundup itself with all its ingredients, rather than only the single ingredient glyphosate, found that it has harmful effects.

And similar results have been shown for any synthetic pesticides. Only if all the ingredients combined in the pesticide product are tested, the active pesticides are harmful for humans.

Roundup that is sprayed on GMO foods like soy, flax, canola, corn and other crops has following health risks:

  • Infertility
  • Birth defects
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Brain or nerves damage
  • Leaky gut development
  • Cancer

Another thing that I would like to mention is that pesticides do bring money (a lot of money) to certain companies like Monsanto, DuPont and Novartis. And bad news about pesticides bring bad business to those companies. So these businesses pay studies and have methods to change the facts in favor of the business. Like monsanto did by increasing the allowance of glyphosate from 0.2 mg/kg to already 40mg/kg so it is legal to put it on your plate. You can read about it on


Do organic foods play a role in weight loss?

It is clear that pesticides are toxins. And toxins that your body is absorbing have to be eliminated to prevent harm or quarantined in fat cells that are stored in your connective tissue.

So by eating too much pesticide foods you could force your body to store the toxins isolated in fat and transferred inside your connective tissue around all your organs. That means between your skin and muscles too which is visible.

By having an excess amount of the so called conventional foods, your body can be always in quarantine mode because it doesn’t have the time to get rid of the toxins. And by passing the intestines first, a damaged digestive tract can be the result.

Additionally to fat gain this will also lead to a malfunctioning connective tissue that is storing nutrients for your organs.

I actually wonder how beneficial it might be to try to lose weight and force the body to burn these quarantine fats. Because it would also force it to get rid of the toxins that might be too much to handle, what could have possible adverse health effects.

A better solution would be to give your body a detox supplement to cleanse it.

The Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse Kit will help you purge your body of both chemical and metal toxins, which can lead to serious health concerns.

The GMO Detox Kit is for anyone who has eaten GMO foods but is looking for a way to reset their gut. It includes Oxy-Powder®, Livatrex®, and Latero-Flora™.

And please do not think that organic junk and processed food have no effect on weight gain.



The question about how organic foods are better for you wouldn’t be asked so often, if we would maybe label foods in a different way.

Why did we start to call conventional food organic at some time? Instead of changing the name for the pesticide foods to unconventional foods. This fact already starts to play with your mind psychological, by telling you that you eat harmless traditional food.

It should be clear by now that non organic food isn’t harmless. And that you have to change your mindset about the food you eat to prevent negative effects for yourself and the environment that is damaged as well.

How high and how many health risks exactly there are won’t be easy to determine, when businesses are fighting to bring up their “truth”.


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How are Organic Foods better for you
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