I believe that knowledge which can improve ones overall health, and knowledge which can improve the quality of the world we live in should be free for everybody.

This is the reason why I decided to write an eBook and give it away on my website for free. It will teach you how to have a healthy lifestyle, that improves not only the life of yourself.

Unfortunately we still live in a money based environment and I can't say that I am not depending on money yet. So I will always need your support to release the book faster for you and be able to invest in additional knowledge (that is not free) to put even more quality into the book.

Your support is crucial for the future of your coming favorite book. Your support can make the difference between great and awesome. The good thing is that you can support me in many ways without spending an extra cent. Below are some examples how.

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Let Pigeons Fly
If you read a post and like it, send it to your friends by sharing on social media or scream it into your neighborhood 😉 (If you really do this, make a video and send it to me so I can give you a gift). It just costs you one second and gives a great impact. The power is really with you. So don't underestimate it.
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Use Your Fingers
Interact with comments below the posts or with me personally. This might lead to better content and can improve my motivation. Though I am actually well motivated 🙂 To contact me you easily go to the top of my page and choose contact me in the menu or use the chat button on the screen.